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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Whale Watching

A highlight of any aquatic adventure, whale sightings are jaw-dropping experiences. These beauties are very photogenic so don’t forget your phone or camera because they are must-haves. Whether cresting atop the water, slapping their tails, or full body breaching, viewing these massive oceanic mammals in their natural habitat gives a strong reminder of the wonder living beneath the keel of the Sea Breeze. Cabo harbors a wide variety of whale life, including: Humpback Whales (the most common of the breaching whale and largest population in Cabo), Grey Whales, and Whale Sharks. On occasion Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Orcas, and other species have made their presence known to onlookers. The migration patterns of the whales differ from year to year, but typically the whale season runs from mid-November through mid-April, and begins flourishing around mid to late-December when mothers begin to give birth. A month or so later these babies become increasingly more lively until they migrate north again in April. 


As fascinating as marine life can be from the surface there is nothing quite like immersing oneself into their world. View breaching rays, energetic dolphins, sea turtles gliding at arms reach, and schools of fish breaking formation as they pass around you all while submerged in their environment. Witnessing these amazing creatures from within Cabo’s crystal clear water gives a much more profound appreciation and enriched experience.

Wild Life

Although whale watching is the most popular recreational activity aboard a marine vessel, a plethora of other species, both aquatic and winged, call Cabo San Lucas their home, a uniqueness that visitors instantly recognize upon coasting out of the harbor. A wide variety of coastal birds fly overhead while a herd of sea lions swim past a school of tuna before venturing into the vast Pacfic Ocean. A parade of Mobula Rays breach to welcome you as far as the eye can see while seemingly from nowhere dolphins begin slicing through the waves behind the Sea Breeze. As the boat slowly drifts with the tide, packs of sea turtles are joined by a diverse assortment of fish swimming just below the surface allowing their bright vibrant colors to gleam in the sun’s rays.

Lover's Beach

Located at the southernmost tip of all Baja California sits one of Cabo San Lucas’ most popular attractions, Playa del Amor. Accessible only by boat, this hidden cove combines a peaceful swimming location with a rich white sandy beach to create a vacationer’s paradise. Unlike the adjacent “Divorce Beach”, famed for its pounding Pacific Ocean shorebreak, these idyllic waters are made possible by towering rock formations that block both wind and large swell alike to produce a relaxing, pleasant beach experience. The most famous of these formations is “El Arco” or “The Arch”, a natural rock arch that provides a gathering spot for sea lions and other marine wildlife. This grand three-story marvel is a spectacle as the power of the Pacific Ocean crashes upon the jagged rocks resulting in the expulsion of water. During low tide, however, visitors can enjoy a soothing stroll on the sandy shore under the arch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes!  Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a their parent(s) or guardian(s).  Our family friendly  “adventure” package is perfect for kids of all ages.  All children under 5 years of age are reuired to wear a life preserver (which is provided on cruise).

Swim attire is strongly encouraged.  Be sure any electronics such as cameras or video recorders are waterproof.  Sunblock and towels are strongly recommended if you plan on jumping in the water.

Gratuity is not required but is always appreciated!

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